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Saved by The Dog Man.001.jpeg
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Service Dogs Change Lives


Training Dogs - Supporting People

The Dog Man is on a mission to change the life of one dog and

one person periodically throughout the year. That's multiplying love and compassion every year!  A heart-warming future of helping happiness  

for each loving, furry companion and their person!

The mission is to train each dog in service or therapy for personal assistance to promote a greater level of confidence and safety. Besides being a comforting companion, having a dog trained in service allows the owner to build confidence to develop supportive relationships with others. This sense of consistency and security removes stress and care and empowers the person to become more active. Each service dog is trained for social situations, behavior requirements and dedicated disability care. The Dog Man will successfully bring both dog and owner through the process from beginning to certification, graduating both into a trusting working relationship.


A Happy Faithful Dog 


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Happy Confident Owner

Serving A

Do you know someone searching for help to train their dog for obedience and specialized service. The Dog Man is that help!

All service dogs undergo training for social situations, behavior requirements, and personalized disability care. Let us help! 

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Polk County's Finest

Dog Trainer with 30 Years

of Expertise in Training Dogs

Saved by The Dog Man.001.jpeg


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